Answering the call of the wild cranberry …

A friend called yesterday, or rather she texted, to ask if I wanted to go cranberry picking with her today.

Well hell yeah.  But I didn’t say that.  Yes was my answer though.  And I thanked her for reminding me that it was cranberry season.  So easy to forget! Who sees cranberries? They don’t hang on trees or squish between toes during barefoot badminton when rotten and flung from their stems by wind gusts.

They grow low to the ground off in hidden wild places where no one would expect cranberries- or anything much that’s edible- to grow.  They don’t smudge windshields. They barely last out migrating birds and snow cover long enough to succumb to mold and decay.

So in an hour or so I’m heading off on a hike to find wild cranberries…

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