Wondering and wandering behind the lawn mower

I’ve got a new approach to lawn mowing.  It’s not new as of today, it’s a couple of months old now.  The way it works is I mow a couple of stripes in my lawn and then I do something else for a spell.  That something else might be a dog walk, a phone call, putting some words down on paper (I write on paper with a pencil, strange maybe but true), mess around with my horse Sally Slew, or- well you get the idea.. Then I go back and mow a couple a more stripes. This is on my mind because I am currently mowing the lawn.  See, I can say that now and you know what I mean.  And it occurred to me as I was mowing a minute ago that maybe the main reason I am a hiker is that two of my favorite past times are wandering and wondering.  And it also occurred to me that these- wondering and wandering- are the primary ingredients in lawn mowing, at least for me and my style of grass trimming. My system of lawn mowing involves stripe making, back and forth, back and forth.  But it also involves circles, swerves and dodges.  What I’m getting at not at all- is that lawn mowing gets me thinking.  For instance I think or ask, ‘is it right to mow the grave of my kitty Banksy?’ and, ‘which is better, mulching or composting? or are they the same?’ Sometimes my wondering turns to the profound.  About 15 minutes ago while getting my scalp scratched under the apple tree, I was thinking that one of the benefits of getting older and wiser is that one finally realizes that some questions- many even- don’t require answers. Here’s a popular question to demonstrate:  Are we humans and our filthy carbon emissions responsible for causing Climate Change? The answer to this question doesn’t matter.  We humans know that our filthy emissions are excessive, cough inducing, ugly and largely unnecessary.  And we know that there’s only so much liquified dinosaur left in the ground, and we know that everyone wants it.  A lot.  And we know that those who are not us who want it are the bad guys.  And we know that as the black gooey stuff that smells a lot when it burns, and makes a sticky mess when it leaks out of ships gets used up it’ll get big time expensive. So the question ‘Are we humans and our Greenhouse Gas emitting machines causing Climate Change?’ does not  require an answer.  We humans can choose to use solar, hydrogen, wind, tide and geothermal instead of whale oil  petrochemical fuel.  We don’t need to defend our innocence or prove our guilt.  We can choose to get on with things and celebrate our intelligence with our invention of new, better technologies. Ah- And I don’t need to know what form tonight’s dinner will take.  I know that there’s a big pot of homemade tomato sauce prepared, red peppers, onion and garlic on the table and a hefty bag of frozen mussels in the freezer.  And I know that any combination of these will be delicious.

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2 Responses to Wondering and wandering behind the lawn mower

  1. Lawn mowing is a guilty pleasure of mine… The thinking time, making patterns…

  2. helenhikes says:

    I smile to hear you say that lawn mowing is a guilty pleasure of yours Kristina. Sometimes I like it, but lately I’ve found it less enthralling. There are so many other things I’d rather be doing. So much to do, so little time!

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