Let’s talk mosquitoes

You mosquito haters out there have my horse Sally to thank.

SallyBeautiful       Why?  Because until I got her five years ago I didn’t give the biting b#$)@*)s  much thought.  Right, they don’t deserve much thought, but that isn’t my reason.  The explanation is that mosquitoes or their bites rather- don’t have much effect on me.  I don’t get bumps or welts from their bites.  They don’t make me itch.  The only time I (used to) really hate mosquitoes was when I put my head on my pillow and turned out the light.  But Sally, my hot-house flower, off-the-track-thoroughbred changed that.

Sally has little to no tolerance for mosquitoes or for deer flies, green heads, gnats, horse flies or any other demonic dot on wings.  And since in theory my purpose for rescuing Sally, at the end of racing season that early morning at Suffolk Downs, was to ride her, Sally’s hate for mosquitoes is now, by osmosis, my hate of mosquitoes.  In the height of mosquito season Sally’s suspension changes from that of a Lexus sedan to that of a Willy’s Jeep, some days that of a back firing, over heating Willy’s Jeep with four blown-out tires.

So here’s some information provided by blogger Alec McClennan of whygoodnature.com that you might find useful.  It’s about protecting yourself from mosquitoes:

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites – Naturally There are a variety of tactics for keeping mosquitoes from biting you but many involve potentially harmful chemicals like DEET or Pyrethroids. Here are some natural methods to fight off mosquitoes:

Step 1: Use Mosquito Repelling Soap Studies in the Journal of American Mosquito Control Association show that using Neem Oil and Coconut Oil mixed together will repel mosquitoes for up to 8 hours. Good Nature offers a Neem Oil soap that in addition to Neem contains B Vitamins, Lemon Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. All of which have health benefits as well as mosquito repelling properties. Why not use a healthy soap that also repels mosquitoes? Note that this soap makes no claims of mosquito repelling, but I’ve found it to be helpful.

Step 2: Consider a Natural Repellent Instead of DEET, why not use something like “Bite Blocker” which is made from Geranium Oil and has been shown to be effective against mosquitoes.

Take a click over to Alec’s post for two more interesting and useful tips.

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