Whither the Weather

I would argue that to really love the outdoors, nature, life beyond the comfy confines of a house with a thermostat set to something above 60º, a person has got to love weather.  Real weather- not just blue sky, sun’s rays on the shoulders, balmy T-shirty stuff.  Or maybe what I’m getting at is that to truly love the outdoors, the untamed world, the realm that scalds, freezes and wind whips-  a person has got to love clothing…

In any case in seeking to enjoy life beyond the built world its best that a person know how to dress.

Here’s a list of my favorite essentials in order of affection (but then again I’m fickle):

1. Long johns (preferably silk or woolen)… photo courtesy of underwear expert


2. Earflap hat (makes your head feel snug as a hibernating bear)

3. Insulated socks (don’t even think cotton or synthetic)

4. Camisole or undershirt (wicks off sweat, gives you something to strip down to)

5. Vest (with dip in the back to warm the kidneys)

6. Wind pants (like having a portable house, something like a hermit crab)

7. Gators (keeps the snow out of that vulnerable gap between ankle and pant cuff)Isadora duncan

8. Cowl (better than a scarf because it won’t commit murder like Isadora Duncan’s did)

9. Wool sweater naturally waterproofed with lanolin smallSheep (I like the smell as well as the  look)

10. Mittens (superior to gloves- or to have it all- woolen half gloves worn inside mittens)

(Joking..)  HalfGlove    Bonus Item: Ice grippers,

         there’s a zillion kindsSnowGrip



So embrace the weather, love it, romp with it, get down and dirty with it.

And for another little nudge of inspiration here are a couple books:

Chasing The Monsoon by Alexander Frater


The Future of Ice by Gretel Ehrlich

I love them both

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